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To play with other users online you have 4 options. You can play "Random" to play with another random opponent. Or you can accept one of the challenges published in the online area, otherwise you can create a challenge on the same area, after selecting the type of match you want to play, and wait for another player to accept your challenge. Furthermore you can send a challenge to your Facebook friends, by clicking on the button "Friends Challenge".
To play with your Facebook friends you need to send a challenge request to one or more of your facebook friends, by clicking on the button "Friends Challenge" that you find on the online area of the game. A window will open where you can choose your friends to challenge. To be able to play you need to be online in the same moment.
This game is responsive to the browser dimensions, it adapts to your screen resolution so there might be differences between devices and/or platforms, this will ensure an optimal experience on all devices.
At first tha game will select a rando background for your match, but you can select another background by clicking on the settings button, and a popup will open where you will be able to choose another background image from the one offered, then press the "Close" button, and the changes will be applied.
Checkers Plus is compatible with the following browsers:

Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 9 or above.

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